Tips For Making Your Product Photography Stand Out From The Crowd

There is nothing worse than bland, dry and boring product photography. When your photos end up looking like the bargain section at, it can be frustrating, defeating, and hard to sell all at the same time. It can take years of practicing and shooting to develop your own style, but there are definitely techniques to help develop your own language. Once you do enough experimenting with what does and doesn’t work, you can start to shoot images that truly separate yourself from your competitors and other junk found on the interest.

Suspend Things in the Photo

imagesA lot of time you will need to hang things to get them in a better spot, but that’s not what we are talking about there. Try hanging things in unusual ways to create a new image or effect that hasn’t been done before. You could even try leaving the rope in the photo. It’s important to try everything because you never know what result will come out the other end.

Capture Your Image From Odd Angles

imgresMost photographers will shoot the product straight on, creating your standard product image. But we are not going for what most photographers do here! Try shooting from above or below, or an angle that you normally wouldn’t see. This can end up being a truly defining shot of the product that the client never considered before.

Get Up Close. Very Close.

macro_photography_trypocopris_vernalisOne thing to remember with a macro photograph is that it will usually be accompanied by a normal shot as well. In very few cases will these make up the only images used to highlight a product, but when paired correctly, they can be quite dramatic. You need to make sure your lighting is great here. With good lighting, every detail will poop, but without it, things will be very hard to see.

Alter the Photos in Photoshop

6079018717_e1c58b97b2_bIf you aren’t super computer savvy, this one may require some outside help. There are plenty of freelance graphic designers on the internet. I usually use a service like Upwork or fiverr for really cheap jobs. But this could also be a chance for you to expand your skills and learn something else that you could market in the future.

Don’t Lose the Background

This will run contrary to what a lot of people believe, but an out-of-focus background doesn’t always win the day here. Sometimes you want to pair items with other items to give a complete picture. Say with food for example. If that’s the case, you could aways put the main product up front, but keep the other items clear to really flesh out the photo.

Add Something Weird

2904126401_c316d04eb8_bIt can really help to throw something in your photo that totally unexpected to give it a bit of an edge. Really think about what makes the product unique or different, and try to play off of the idea or concept.





So there you have it. Try one or all of the above to create some really unique and stunning product photos.